Ugh – They raised my cable bill!

I received my bill from my cable company and it was almost $30.00 more than my normal bill.  I hate it when I open the bill and out of the blue it has been raised!   Instead of just paying it I studied the bill. I say studied because you almost need a college degree to decipher the charges, credits and final total. To my dismay they raised my internet service $30.00 a month with no warning!  I called the cable company to complain and they said my “special” had ended and offered me $5.00 off this month’s bill.

What most people don’t know is that there is a loyalty department whose sole purpose is to retain customers.  When I said they needed to either lower my bill or I was switching to another carrier they transferred me immediately to this magical place.  I thought my “little problem” would be solved by these mythical people!  Unfortunately I happened to get the one troll in the department that didn’t get the memo on good customer service.

I knew right away he and I didn’t mesh.  Fairly soon into the conversation, about 30 seconds, I asked to speak to a supervisor.   He told me he didn’t have to transfer me and began the inquisition.  I had two choices: to ride it out or hang up.  I decided that I was going to ride it out no matter how long it took; my ultimate goal was to save money.  In all honesty my secondary goal was to create as much frustration for him as he was causing me.

Throughout the conversation I continued to ask for the supervisor, which he said I didn’t need.  In the end he said there were no specials and he couldn’t help me.  I asked again for the supervisor and this time he said he would connect me, although he couldn’t resist telling me that he didn’t understand why I wanted to speak to her as she couldn’t help me either.   I had wasted 20 minutes with him and another 40 minutes waiting for her.   I would suggest you have an activity planned you can do while waiting for assistance otherwise it can get VERY frustrating and boring!  I personally think he kept me on hold and when he discovered I wasn’t going to hang up he transferred me.

The great thing and moral to this story is that the supervisor helped me immediately when she got on the phone.  She stripped all the “specials” that had and were about to expire and I ended up paying $40.00 less a month for the next year.  I not only got back my $30.00 but gained an extra $10.00.  She commented that he (the troll) had the authority to do the same thing but chose not to help.  She indicated that he would receive coaching for that failure.  I couldn’t help but advise her of his other transgressions and suggested she listen to the tape of our conversation.

My point to this lengthy story is that I made $480.00 for the hour I was on the phone and as a side benefit I slew the troll!

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