Sherry Helsel came into my life just at the right time.  My husband had recently died and I was left with so many bills and didn't have enough money to pay them all.  I was getting phones calls and letters from creditors wanting their bill paid.  I was stressed out.  Then I met Sherry and she took the stress off my shoulders and we sat down and looked at all the credit card bills.  She took them home and started one by one settling and negotiating them for me. At the time my head had been spinning.  It took about a year and we now have eliminated my debts of credit cards.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get out of debt. I am so grateful for her help. The next step is restoring my credit score and I have confidence in Sherry to help me with this also.

Angie D. – San Tan Valley, AZ

A Team Credit Consulting did a fantastic job on fixing my personal credit. I had a previous insurance company that had made a fraudulent insurance bill on a home that I had never own; which it got sent to collections. Within two weeks, A Team had it taken off my report & they had the previous company send me an apology letter! Brandy is phenomenal and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. A Team Credit Consulting is amazing!!

David B. from Queen Creek, AZ

I didn’t get the chance to THANK YOU for all that you did for us. We are so excited to be starting our new chapter of our lives. And with your help, it’s possible.  I will definitely keep your number and refer anyone that is interested.
All the best,

Maria L. of Glendale AZ

Due to my wife being diagnosed with a long term illness, We had come to the conclusion that we would have to file bankruptcy in order to get out from under our debt because we no longer were able to depend on my wife's income. We had contacted our attorney on two occasions and on the third visit she had suggested we meet with Sherry and her team. At the time we were certainly skeptical of any one in the credit repair and counseling business as we had heard nothing but horror stories from family and friends. We sat down and discussed our situation with Sherry and came to an agreement on a plan to pay off the debt and negotiate with creditors to reduce our financial responsibilities. Sherry went to work negotiating with the creditors and within a few weeks we were able to pay off one large account for pennies on the dollar. Sherry was constantly in communication with us relaying updates with creditors and submitting proposals for pay offs on the debt. After a little over a year we were able to pay off all of our debt for a fraction of what we originally owed. We currently are still working with her to reestablish our credit line and she has done a tremendous job improving our FICO scores. Our circumstance was extreme, however we would not hesitate to recommend Sherry and her team to anybody that may need help with their finances, she provides solutions with a plan of attack when there does not appear to be anything left to do. San Tan Valley, AZ

Mr and Mrs W. of STV AZ

We have worked with Sherry for a while now and nobody is better at evaluating credit situations and formulating the best plan of action. Her expertise in getting credit scores up and negotiating debt is unmatched. Sherry brings a value added dimension to our clientele and we trust her implicitly.  We consider Sherry part of our production team here at Peoples Home Equity!

Larry Schaick – Mortgage Professional

Any way that I can let people know how much you helped us I would love to!  You literally changed our life! :)  

Mr and Mrs. F. of Gilbert AZ

Sherry Helsel of A Team Credit Consulting is THE person to have on your side when you're in the process of reestablishing credit. When my mortgage application fell short, Sherry took the time to understand my finances thoroughly and provided sound advice. She took a true interest in my family's wellbeing and I am grateful for work she put in to make me eligible for a home. I am giving Sherry the highest recommendation for any credit counseling needs. Sherry, thank you so very much.

B.C. of Scottsdale AZ

When my wife and I found out that we had no alternative for bankruptcy, we had to find a way out of our financial mess.  We were given a referral by our attorney and it turned out to be A Team Credit Consulting.  When we had our first meeting I knew that they were the right company for my wife and myself.   To get to the point: Excellent, Professional, Hardworking, and very obviously someone that knows what they are doing.  These are observations that proved to be true!   I would like to tell anyone that is in need of Credit Consulting Services that they have helped change our life around. There is no better company for the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               Thank you.

Aron S. of Chandler AZ

All I have to say is WOW! Sherry Helsel has helped us in more ways than one. She went above and beyond to help us get where we are today financially! I still can not believe to this day, we thought our debt and our financial mistakes had set the tone for the rest of our life, like we were at the point of no return! Then we came across one of her ads and gave it a try. Let me tell you… We wish we would have done this a long time ago. Not only with her hard work to help us get where we need to be as far as our credit repair, she gave us great advice on how to stay debt free. Now we own our own home, we have a savings and we know how to negotiate more and not settle! She is a very professional woman, she takes her career very seriously and is worth every dime! Thank you Sherry for helping us, we could not thank you enough on how much you helped change our lives for the better! We appreciate it all!

G & C of Queen Creek, Arizona

Working with Sherry is great!  She is very professional and the best thing about Sherry is her wiliness to help you and not judge the situation you may be in. Thank you for all your help!

C.S. of Scottsdale AZ

We want to thank you for the great job you did for us. When I was forced to retire because of illness we, had over $40,000.00 in credit card debt. You were able to settle our debts for 20% to 30%. We will now be able to enjoy our retirement without that debt hanging over us.

Mr and Mrs. W of Chandler AZ