Mr and Mrs W. of STV AZ

Due to my wife being diagnosed with a long term illness, We had come to the conclusion that we would have to file bankruptcy in order to get out from under our debt because we no longer were able to depend on my wife’s income. We had contacted our attorney on two occasions and on the third visit she had suggested we meet with Sherry and her team. At the time we were certainly skeptical of any one in the credit repair and counseling business as we had heard nothing but horror stories from family and friends. We sat down and discussed our situation with Sherry and came to an agreement on a plan to pay off the debt and negotiate with creditors to reduce our financial responsibilities. Sherry went to work negotiating with the creditors and within a few weeks we were able to pay off one large account for pennies on the dollar. Sherry was constantly in communication with us relaying updates with creditors and submitting proposals for pay offs on the debt. After a little over a year we were able to pay off all of our debt for a fraction of what we originally owed. We currently are still working with her to reestablish our credit line and she has done a tremendous job improving our FICO scores. Our circumstance was extreme, however we would not hesitate to recommend Sherry and her team to anybody that may need help with their finances, she provides solutions with a plan of attack when there does not appear to be anything left to do.

San Tan Valley, AZ